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Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the complexity of DIY website design platforms and the outrageous cost of professionally designed custom websites. Our websites engage and convert your visitors into customers.  Our full-service solutions include digital catalogs, graphic design, logos, product mockups, and written content, all as a part of creating your stellar online presence!



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Graphics & Logo Design

We design logos, product mockups, brochures, presentations and more all while utilizing eye-catching typography.  Our service includes both digital and print-ready collateral.


Custom Web Design

Your website is the window that the world views your business through.  We know the impact that visual content has on your customers.  We take great care to ensure your website concisely delivers your message.


Original Content

Our content is professionally written to reflect key points about your brand.  We focus on delivering clear and concise messaging that’s sure to engage visitors and increase in-store and online traffic.


Let's Make Things Happen

Our Ideas make an Impact





Empowered by Satisfaction

Your image is our business

At iKandy, there is one thing, and one thing only that we seek, your satisfaction.  This fact is made clear from our initial consultation to the delivery of your project. We believe in quality above quantity.  Whether your brand needs revamping and modernization or is in the “concept” stage requiring full definition and design work, we are here to deliver. We can incorporate your new look to printed collateral and product mockups to maintain cohesiveness in your brand’s image and message.

~Angela Swolsky-Madonian

Brand Awareness

Your new website’s stunning, responsive, modern look and on-page optimization will instantly elevate your brand’s online image.


Ongoing Support

We stand by our clients beyond the delivery of their project.  Check out our add-on services below for additional options.

Client Consultation





We work one-on-one with our clients locally in Toledo, Ohio and remotely via online video chat.  Our 3D approach allows us to assist you in defining, designing and delivering your brand’s message in a style that was once cost-prohibitive to small business owners.

Our designs are built to engage and convert.

We offer sensible solutions based on the needs of your business.  All of our website designs and digital presentations are modern and responsive.

Our work is done in-house by iKandy team members.  That means you will always have a real person to collaborate with, either in-person or online via video conferencing, throughout the design and launch of your project.

What’s more, we’re always here should you need additional service or support in the future.  Need a custom solution? Contact us now

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