About Us

our clients; our passion

What We Do

Our group of creatives collaborates from across the country, with experience and passion in their respective fields. At iKandy, we take the time to get to know our clients, their brand, their message, their goals, and their budget. Our artistic approach takes our client's image from ordinary to extraordinary largely through creative content writing and precise, highly polished graphics. Our solutions are scalable, focusing our client's resources on what is necessary to elevate their brand without unnecessary, expensive features that may not deliver the return on investment based on their niche. For example, a small, single location, clothing boutique with two employees would have drastically different requirements than one with several employees and multiple locations.

Web Design

We specialize in website theme customization with both original graphic design and content based on our client's requirements. Our websites exceed industry standards in performance. Our team has the expertise to blend multiple theme elements into one original, uniquely designed website.

Graphic Art

Our graphics are what make your brand stand apart from the competition. Our visually enticing designs hold the attention of your audience, while we deliver your message. With careful attention to palette and typography, our graphic design and photo editing are what make the difference in your brands appeal.

Creative Content

We firmly believe in the importance of clear, cohesive content writing. We take your basic information and message and weave it into a compelling, SEO friendly story for your website and presentations. Our blogging service gives you a voice of authority in your industry through original posts and commentary on trending curated pieces. We offer blog management for clients looking to build industry influence and improve SEO but who lack the time needed to post multiple times per week.

Social Media

We design powerful posts specific to the platform(s) you require. We understand that a mere "presence" online is meaningless. A brand needs a clear and direct statement to achieve success. Further, our clients are provided access to their brand's social management portal to review our work weekly before it goes live.